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Item no. : SC215CD
Artist : KALEDON
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 26 March 2012



Vetaran power metallers Kaledon release their first “best of” album on Scarlet Records. ‘Mightiest Hits’ includes 12 songs from each one of their 6 studio albums (2 songs from each episode of the ‘Legend Of The Forgotten Reign’ saga) plus 1 brand new track, ‘Steel Maker’, which introduces the main character of their soon to be recorded new album, the heroic figure of Altor. All the songs taken from the first 2 albums (‘The Destruction, 2002 and ‘The King’s rescue’, 2003) have been re-recorded by the new line-up, the ones from the 3rd and 4th (‘The Way Of The Light’, 2004 and ‘Twilight Of The Gods’, 2006, featuring Stratovarius’ Jorg Michael on drums) have been re-sang and re-mixed, and the ones from the latter 2 albums (A New Era Begins’, 2008 and ‘The Last Night On The Battlefield’, 2010) have been re-mastered. ‘Mightiest Hits’ will be available in a double CD format, including a bonus disc containing the very rare band demos, for a total of 11 songs. The amazing artwork was made by Nerve Design (Nile, Threshold, Vision Divine, Bulldozer).
Disc 1
1. Steel Maker (Previously Unreleased) 2. In Search Of Kaledon 3. Desert Land Of Warriors 4. The New Kingdom 5. A Frozen Dawn 6. Mighty Son Of The Great Lord 7. Great Night In The Land 8. Clash Of The Titans 9. New King Of Kaledon 10. The End Of The Green Power 11. The God Beyond The Man 12. Surprise Impact 13. Demons Away
Disc 2
1. In Search Of Kaledon (demo) 2. Spirit Of The Dragon (demo) 3. Thunder In The Sky (demo) 4. God Says Yes (demo) 5. Army Of The Undead King (demo) 6. Desert Land Of Warriors (demo) 7. God Says Yes (demo) 8. Thunder In The Sky (demo) 9. Desert Land of Warriors (demo) 10. Home (demo) 11. New Soldiers For A New Army (demo)
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