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Item no. : DVP186CD
Artist : KARLOFF
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 27 August 2021



DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present KARLOFF’s highly anticipated debut album, The Appearing, on CD and vinyl LP formats! If KARLOFF’s previous two short-lengths presented them as a more gutter-level Midnight, then "The Appearing" recasts the band in a totally new, altogether more unique light – and one that’s still brimming with that ever-special twist of olde-worlde evil. Rich and robust and ripplingly muscular, The Appearing struts like a cheetah with a heart full of napalm and flexes like nobody’s business. In fact, the lead-heavy stomp here harkens to ancient-days metalpunk like Carnivore, Best Wishes-era Cro-Mags, or even early Nasty Savage; equally, one could also point to the more modern likes of Iron Age, Shitfucker, and The Rival Mob. However, the creepiness KARLOFF hinted at earlier reaches a fever pitch across the tastefully-applied chorus FX, a subtle nod to post-punk that ably broadens the band’s reach without sacrificing their vision. More than all that, it’s the songwriting of The Appearing which renders it an intensely re-playable record: exciting, invigorating, and skillfully finding that balance between the seemingly epic and the swiftly concise.
1.My Misanthropic Kingdom
2.The Sound of Discipline
3.Hate Consumer
4.Skeleton and Ashes
5.Nihilistik Reaction
7.Superior Presence of Cruelty
8.On the Old Ropes
9.A Violent Winter
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