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Item no. : INDIE033CD
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Release Date : 10 May 2010



Obsidian C. and Daniel Bergstrand join forces for REPTILIAN.

Keep Of Kalessin follow up the critically acclaimed 'Kollossus' of 2008 with 'Reptillian', showing the past two years have been spent brewing some fresh new material. Having more than a decade of experience in this industry, KEEP OF KALESSIN are without doubt one of the highest regarded artists in the Black Metal Scene, allowing opportunities to broaden the reach of their music through ventures like the Eurovision song contest.

Reptilian is the 5th studio album from Keep of Kalessin, once again recorded at their own studio in Trondheim. Taking inspriration from the origins of the Bands own Name, This album clearly draws on the mythology of 'Kalessin': A legendary Dragon from Ursula K. Le Guin's novel "The Farthest Shore".

Daniel Bergstrand offered his mixing expertise to the equation and together they have created this Reptilian audio beast. With 5 full length albums already under their belts, you could be forgiven for thinking the magic may have faded, yet by the bands own admission, this is their strongest album to date!

"The music on Reptilian is more in your face and direct than before so we chose the title to emphasise that directness as well as focusing even more on the fantasy element in the band". - Obsidian.C

With this masterpiece of epic metal and the inevitible heavy touring, Keep Of Kalessin is one of the bands to watch in 2010!

1. Dragon Iconography

2. The Awakening

3. Judgement

4. The Dragontower

5. Leaving The Mortal Flesh

6. Dark As Moonless Night

7. The Divine Land

8. Reptilian Majesty

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