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Item no. : LFMCD694
Artist : KISS
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 05 May 2023



The success of Kiss’s first live album, Alive!, released September 1975, not only brought Kiss the breakthrough they had been seeking, but arguably saved the Casablanca label, which, at the time, was close to bankruptcy. Following this success, Kiss partnered with producer Bob Ezrin, who had previously worked with Alice Cooper. The result was Destroyer, released March 15, 1976, Kiss's most musically ambitious studio album to date. Destroyer, with its rather intricate production (using an orchestra, choir, and numerous tape effects), was a departure from the raw sound of the first three studio albums. While the album sold well initially and became the group's second Gold album, it quickly dropped down the charts. Only when the ballad ‘Beth’, the B-side of the single ‘Detroit Rock City’, began to gain more airplay on FM radio did the album's sales rebound. The single was subsequently reissued with the A- and B-sides reversed. ‘Beth’ peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the band's first Top 10 single in the United States.

1. Intro/Detroit Rock City  5:11
2. King Of The Night Time World  3:00
3. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll  3:22
4. Cold Gin  4:29
5. Guitar Solo  3:00
6. Shout It Out Loud  2:46
7. Strutter  3:02
8. Nothing To Lose  4:02
9. Do You Love Me  3:46
10. Watching You  3:18
11. Drum Solo  2:52
12. Bass Solo  1:15
13. God Of Thunder  3:52
14. Flaming Youth  6:21
15. Deuce  3:22
16. Firehouse  5:02
17. Black Diamond  8:42
18. Rock ‘N’ Roll All Nite  6:14
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