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KLIMT 1918

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Item no. : PRO096CDLU
Artist : KLIMT 1918
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 23 June 2008



The taste in your mouth for the last time. Then silence, the hours that go by slowly, the winding nights. Eyes lost in the Milky Way chasing memories. In the tail of a cold comet, with arms stretched out; the heavens suggest words unsaid, phrases unheard. Should we never meet again, this is the music we will listen to until we bleed. With our walkmen, across people who will never know. Hoping not to belong to anything but to distance, to solitary paths, to the city that sleeps, to ghosts of the past. KLIMT 1918's third album is set to be released in June and will be entitled "Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again (soundtrack for the cassette generation)". It will be available as limited Digipak CD and Jewelcase CD The songs of KLIMT 1918 are deeply ingrained with originality and boundless musicality even though they might remind you of such diverse artists as The Cure, Interpol, Tears For Fears, U2, Katatonia, or Anathema. This is the most emotional album ever!
1. The Breathtaking Days (Via Lactea)
2. Skygazer
3. Ghost of a tape listener
4. The gradudate
5. Just an interlude in your life
6. Just in case we'll never meet again
7. Suspense music
8. Disco awayness
9. Arget
10. All summer long
11. True love is the oldest fear
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