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Item no. : PEL047V
Artist : KLONE
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 20 April 2015



12 years after their debut release, Klone, hailing from central France, are back with their 6th studio effort: Here Comes The Sun shows a mature rock band whose musical universe has expanded over the years. When you take a closer look at the band's discography, their progress appears like a logical evolution: each album is unique, and each one has served to make the follow-up less predictable. The band's metal roots have slowly but confidently given way to an ethereal rock sound, substantially vintage but modern in sound and delivery; driven by heavy riffing as much as by delay-soaked guitar-reverie and careful vocal melodies... and while nowadays melancholia is the defining paradigm of the band's sound, Klone exploit a much broader emotional spectrum.
1. Immersion
2. Fog
3. Gone Up In Flames
4. The Drifter
5. Nebulous
6. Gleaming
7. Grim Dance
8. Come Undone
9. The Last Experience
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