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Item no. : ARCD178
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Release Date : 01 June 2018



Reforged and unmasked, Norway's The Konsortium re-emerge with a new studio album. Named after a county in Western Norway, "Rogaland" sees the band taking a different turn from its Norway-charting, self-titled predecessor (2011) and critically acclaimed demo (2008) combined, following a more complex and technical trajectory. The band has taken the utmost care in every detail to channel and bring forth the forces of their album's namesake, with vocals recorded and lyrics written on site in the woods, in the mountains and on the Northern shores. Nature-inspired and folk-tinged, it's the kind of album that rewards each new listen, and progressively reveals its secrets.
1. Innferd
2. Skogen
3. Fjella
4. Stormen
5. Hausten
6. Arv
7. Havet
8. Utferd
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