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Korgonthurus was born into this decadent world in the late 2000, by Corvus, Kryth and Sedit. This trio released demos “Root of Evil” and “Black Wings of Hate“ with new bassist Fyrgo on bass for the second demo. Kryth departed from the group in 2001. Sedit and Corvus decided that there is no sense continue Korgonthurus without Kryth, thus Korgonthurus was buried.

2002 was the year of resurrection of Korgonthurus. Corvus and Kryth gathered totally new line up for Korgonthurus. Necron on guitar and U666 on bass, though U666 duty on bass was short time before he decided to depart from the group. After this Necron switched from guitar to bass.

Many years Korgonthurus worked as a trio and recorded several split releases, self titled MLP and full length “Marras”. In the year 2008 Lunatic joined in session drums and was later added as a permanent member as Kryth switched from drums to guitar.  With this line-up “Tapa Itsesi“ ep was recorded. During the year 2011 Lunatic decided to part ways with rest of the group and focus on his own projects. After the departure of Lunatic, Kryth was back behind the drum set.

1. Kaaos
2. Puhdistuksen Tulet
3. I.K.P.N.
4. Vuohen Siunaus
5. Inho
6. Ihmisyyden Raunioilla
7. Lux
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