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Item no. : SXYCD069
Artist : KORN
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 02 July 2007


Over fifteen years into what has been a quite staggering career, Korn have proven to be amongst the most consistently innovative rock bands of the past two decades. In a musical climate so often hostile to change and experimentation, Korn continue to defy genres and evolve their sound. Having developed their blend of metal, punk, funk and hip hop influences, they swiftly turned a cult following into massive worldwide success and are virtually the only act to grow out of the ‘Nu-Metal’ landscape to remain significant today. And with new material still pouring out of the group at a furious pace, the future looks as hot as ever for Jonathan Davis and the boys in the band.

Korn – The Lowdown is a two disc set featuring audio biographies and interviews which explore and review the band’s story to date, from their roots and influences to their eventual world domination. Finished with deluxe packaging featuring rare photographs throughout, and completed with booklets and posters, this set will prove must have item for fans of this remarkable band the world over.

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