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Item no. : KAR143CD
Artist : KRAKOW
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 31 August 2018



Following the laborious process of distilling two albums worth of material into one focused gem, we give you “minus”. The pinnacle achievement of KRAKOW’s thirteen year existence. After a year of recording, shaping, re-recording and refining, “minus” has been reduced to the bare essence of  who KRAKOW are as individuals, as a group and as story tellers. It is an album that defies any attempts at genre definition and covers the heavy, the  subtle, the melodic, the atonal, the groovy, the sluggish, the dense, the airy, the naked, and always, always, that wall of sound where no light can escape. With themes spanning from outer space to the hidden worlds deep below, travelling in time from the distant future to the near past like an inverted  space odyssey, we are taken on a journey where “we all become stories”, in ways as much a reflection of the ones we tell, as a revelation of the ones  we won't. “minus” was once again recorded in the renowned Duper and Solslottet studios in the Bergen Kjøtt creative complex, in collaboration, once more,  with Iver Sandøy. KRAKOW even brought in some help this time, to tell these stories, the album ending with a choir consisting of a select group of  Bergen based musical veterans, whilst the opening track introduces the most rock n’ roll guitar solo, courtesy of one Phil Campbell of Motörhead fame.  So, this is "minus".! An album that defies any attempt at genre definition. There are guests, who bring glitz and rock n' roll, as well as a grounding force  to the core of the mountain. There is beauty, and there is rotten decay, like a lush forested island in the centre of a lake of septic water. There are  monsters and there are saints, and none of them reveal themselves. But if we allow ourselves to search, we will find the cracks in the fabric and find a  way to get close.  It's a collection of contradictions, is what we're saying. It's a KRAKOW album.
1. Black wandering sun
2. Sirens
3. The stranger
4. From fire, from stone
5. Minus
6. Tidlaus
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