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Item no. : PEL029
Artist : KRUGER
Product type : Vinyl 10"
Release Date : 08 April 2013


When a band is more than a decade of age, the tradition is to give numbers instead of writing down epic poetry on their music, right ?
Well, regarding Kruger, here we go : 12 years of existence ; 4 albums ; around 350 shows throughout Europe ; probably 50'000 km touring between Prague and Sheffield (if you don't count Canada) ; 1 tour overseas (if you do count Canada) ; 3 Hellfests, 1 Roadburn, 1 Montreux Jazz, 1 Transmusicales, 1 Dour festival, 1 Paleo, 1 Brutal Assault ; live audiences ranging from a minimum of 2 people (still working on breaking that record) to a maximum of 2'500 (working on that one too).
If we had to give names, it'd be Listenable Records, Roadburn Records and Pelagic for labels ; Unsane, Gojira, Knut, Year of No Light, Latitudes, Deftones, Hacride, Bossk (find the intruder) when it comes to stage mates ; Breach, Entombed, Neurosis or Tool as acknowledged influences. And Raph, Margo, Blaise, Reno and (newly) Raul as the names of the five Swiss dudes still delivering uncompromising, intense, inventive yet shellacking noise-metal-punk songs.
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