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Item no. : SOM220CD
Artist : KYLESA
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 25 October 2010



The stellar return of one of the heaviest indie rock bands! With “Spiral Shadow” KYLESA deliver a mosaic of amazing audio atmospheres. While remaining melodic and musical, huge, heavy, hypnotic waves wash over the listener.

From the album debut “Kylesa” (2002) on, the group cites NEUROSIS, KYUSS, early PINK FLOYD and BLACK SABBATH as influences, while critics also name BARONESS and MASTODON as reference points. KYLESA quickly developed their unique style, which is boosted by guitarist and vocalist Laura Pleasants and the use of two drummers.

 A preview of the album was delivered to enthusiastic crowds at many sold out shows on the band’s summer tour with CONVERGE. “Spiral Shadow” may be hard to categorize but impossible not to enjoy!

1. Tired Climb, 2. Cheating Synergy, 3. Drop Out, 4. Crowded Road, 5. Don't Look Back, 6. Distance Closing In, 7. To Forget, 8. Forsaken, 9. Spiral Shadow, 10. Back And Forth, 11. Dust
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