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Item no. : MASCD1060
Artist : LEMURIA
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 01 February 2019



LEMURIA present their new concept album "The Hysterical Hunt", and are bringing you a long forgotten tale of fear and monstrosity.

The album brings you back to 18th century France, when a mythical wolf-like beast terrorized the Gévaudan-area, claiming over one hundred victims.

Musically, "The Hysterical Hunt" offers an incredible diversity, ranging from furious black metal to epic interludes, that are symbolizing the conflict between the people of Gévaudan’s hope and despair.

The album features the deep voice of the Belgian actor Herbert Flack as narrator and the Austrian/Greek singer Alexandra Kastrinakis as guest vocalist.

The artwork was painted by the world-renowned artist Kris Verwimp.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Project Zero Studio, LEMURIA present a refreshing and professional sounding record.

On this new album, LEMURIA sounds more mature than ever!

1. Prologue (The Land Of The Beast)
2. A Plague Upon The Land
3. The Hysterical Hunt
4. Between Man And Wolf
5. As Darkness Falls
6. Of Winter And Hell
7. A Secret Life
8. Deceptive Hibernation
9. An Elusive Monster
10. Endgame (The Impending Truth)
11. Epilogue (Before The Dawn)
12. A Dream That Never Came (Bonus Track)
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