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Release Date : 19 November 2021



LETZTE INSTANZ give their fans a sworn word of honour and continue to keep it on their new album! "Ehrenwort" arrives brute and socio-critical, as usual. On 13 powerful and at the same time sensitive songs, the incomparable musical range of LETZTE INSTANZ opens up to the listener.

In recent years, LETZTE INSTANZ have managed to play their hearts out with their brute romanticism and have become an established part of the musical scene in Germany in fields of Gothic Rock. After the extremely successful longplayers "Liebe im Krieg" and "Morgenland", LETZE INSTANZ is now returning with an album that gives the band's fans security in an insecure time. The album "Ehrenwort" (word of honour), keeps its promise: On 13 impressive, epic songs, LETZTE INSTANZ show themselves to be as socially critical as usual and yet hopeful for a better future!

1. Ehrenwort
2. Entzündet die Feuer
3. Du bist nicht verloren
4. Unsere Fahnen
5. In Deiner Spur
6. Illusion
7. Retter der Träume
8. Meine Welt
9. Santa Aurelia
10. Vogelfrei
11. Fels in der Brandung
12. Bis zum letzten Tag
13. Zeig uns Dein Licht
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