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Release Date : 20 November 2020



If one mixes mellow The Gathering atmosphere, Nightwish dynamic melodies, modern sound and production of Amaranthe and spice it all up with amazing vocal performances of Lori Lewis - you will be able to get an idea of what Carmina Romanus is about.
Planetary mysteries and ancient tales initiated by Lori Lewis. Old roman myths and their celestial association found their way into this album. You will hear a neoclassical metal anthem for the Sun, a tale about winged god Mercury performed together with Thomas Vikström in a bombastic manner and also get to know about our Morning Star. A song for our home, Tellus Mater, is to be heard as well as a melancholic ballad dedicated to Luna. The power and wrath of Mars is acknowledged on this record and is accompanied with strong and grandiose melodies. The wisdom of the king of all the gods - Jupiter is introduced too, and is wrapped in rhapsodic yet modern sound. One will be taken on a dark Saturnalian journey where gloomy and emotional tunes have their place. Furthermore, there is a story about father of the Titans and is presented in a forceful musical way. The album ends with a song given over to Neptune, god of freshwater and the sea. The songs were recorded in Russia, at Gigant Record, during 2017 while the vocals were recorded at Wavelengths Studio at Salem, Oregon in September of 2019.
1.Sol Invictus - The Unconquered Sun 
2.Mercury - Messenger of Dreams 
3.Venus - Bringer of Love and Desire
4.Tellus – Fruit Divine
5.Moon - Moonlight Chariot
6.Mars - Star of Marduk
7.Jupiter - God Pater
8.Saturn - Ruler of the Golden Age
9.Uranus - Father of the Titans
10.Neptun - Crown of the Ocean
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