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Release Date : 20 May 2022



Pelagic Records commemorates the work of electronic music pioneer LUSTMORD by releasing The Other, based around his tenth studio album [ O T H E R ] (2008)

The Others - Lustmord Deconstructed is a celebration of the fearless attitude of being different and the expression of unique ideas which have never existed before.

The new 3LP is an album of Lustmord tracks reinterpreted by some of the spearheads of the contemporary heavy music scene – and beyond: ULVER, ENSLAVED, GODFLESH, ZOLA JESUS, BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE, STEVE VON TILL, IHSAHN, JAYE JAYLE, JO QUAIL,SPOTLIGHTS, KATATONIA's JONAS RENKSE , ALEXANDER HACKE's (EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN) new band HACKEDEPICIOTTO, as well as MONO, THE OCEAN, ÅRABROT and CROWN.

Over 13 years after the release of [ O T H E R ] , 16 bands and solo artists have gathered to record their own unique takes on tracks from the Other-sessions. The result is an album that is more than a compilation, and more than the sum of its parts; covering a wide and diverse range of musical territories, but sharing the same underlying mood and vibe defined by Lustmord's timeless soundscapes: from the ambient solo performances provided by IHSAHN, ENSLAVED or JONAS RENKSE to the subdued voice of ZOLA JESUS woven into Lustmord's sombre fabric to the industrial carnage that is GODFLESH's version of 'Ashen'. What demonstrates the profound influence of Lustmord on this contemporary music underground showcased here is that these very different artists all felt inspired to explore the essence of his idiosyncratic sounds within their own realm: experimental electronica icons ULVER excel on a stunning, hazy rendition of ‘Godeater’, while Japanese post-rock act MONO deliver a crushing version of ‘Er Eb Os’, and THE OCEAN take us on a cathartically heavy mindtrip back to our 'Primal [State of Being]'. In the end, each of these 16 artists delivers an interpretation that pays the deepest respect to this pivotal artist, while also standing out as a new track of its own. The Others - Lustmord Deconstructed is not only a tribute and an excellent entry point into the discography of the founding father of dark ambient. It is also a celebration of the most accomplished visionaries in the underground music scene of today, and a manifestation of what binds them together.

FOR FANS OF: Lustmord, Neurosis, Godflesh, Enslaved, Emperor, Ihsahn, Zola Jesus, Katatonia, Einstürzende Neubauten, Bohren & der Club Of Gore, Mono, The Ocean, Årabrot, Jaye Jayle, Young Widows, Crown, Spotlights, Dead Can Dance, Hans Zimmer, Sunn O))), Chelsea Wolfe, Swans

1. Enslaved - Eon
2. MONO - Er Eb Os
3. Ihsahn - Dark Awakening
4. Jo Quail - Prime
5. Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Plateau
6. hackedpiciotto - Trinity Past
7. Ulver - Godeater
8. Jonas Renkse - Er Eb Os
9. Zola Jesus - Prime
10. Spotlights - Of Eons
11. The Ocean - Primal [State of Being]
12. Crown - Element
13. Jaye Jayle - Er Eb Os
14. Godflesh - Ashen
15. Steve von Till a.k.a. Harvestman - Testament
16. Årabrot - The Last Days
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