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Item no. : FAT757CD
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Release Date : 19 July 2010



Over the course of their career the MAD CADDIES have crafted an exclusive genre of music, separating them from the masses of carbon copy bands. Combining elements of punk, ska, roots reggae, country and even Dixeland jazz, the MAD CADDIES’ music stands alone as truly exceptional. Guided by polished vocals, their songs echo an ethos of fun-loving laid back living. The lively and sometimes jovial nature of their music paired with the band members’ remarkable musicianship and endearing stage manner, has helped to amass a thriving and loyal fan base. With 6 studio albums and 1 live record already to their credit the MAD CADDIES realized it was high time to compile a list of favorites, which is exactly what they did with Consentual Selections. As a band strongly connected with their audience, they opted to let their faithful followers weigh in on which tracks should appear on this collection by actually voting for their favorites. This is a unique approach when compiling a "greatest hits" album, but when considered, is quite possibly the most sensible. Not only is Consentual Selections a collection of 22 bona fide hit songs that would delight even the casual listener, it also features 2 brand new tracks to boot. In addition, the packaging and booklet boast a track by track commentary written by the MAD CADDIES and over 150 photos. Basically, Consentual Selections is essential listening for the uninitiated fan and diehard fan alike.
1. Backyard
2. Leavin
3. No Hope
4. Drinking For 11
5. Mary Melody
6. State Of Mind
7. Falling Down
8. Just One More
9. The Bell Tower
10. Monkeys
11. Days Away
12. Silence
13. Road Rash
14. Whatcha Gonna Do
15. All American Badass
16. Reflections
17. The Gentleman
18. Last Breath
19. Popcorn
20. Tired Bones
21. Preppie Girl
22. Weird Beard
23. Save Us
24. Why Must I Wait
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