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Item no. : KAR101CD
Artist : MAGIC PIE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 31 March 2017



Magic Pie has become a household name for progfans around the world with their blend of classic prog and  70's hard rock inspired by bands such as Spocks Beard, Dream Theater, Genesis, Pink Floyd, The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, Kansas, Deep Purple, Yes etc.
Fronted by bandleader and guitar supremo Kim Stenberg, the band are known for their epic, energetic, melodic and sometimes heavy  prog rock with splendid vocal harmonies and great musicianship.

Hailing from Moss, Norway, the “Motions of Desire” configuration of Magic Pie consisted of songwriter and producer Kim Stenberg (guitars), Eirik Hanssen (vocals), Jan Torkild Johanssen (drums), Gilbert Marshall (keyboards, vocals), Lars Petter Holstad (bass) and Allan Olsen (vocals).

Motions of Desire was the bands now classic debut album, that was released on CD in 2005. Now re-released on Karisma Records and for the first time available on vinyl.


1. Change
2. Motions of Desire
3. Full Circle Poetry
4. Without Knowing Why
5. Illusion and reality Part 1
6. Illusion and reality Part 3
7. Illusion and reality Part 4
8. Dream Vision
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