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Release Date : 06 April 2018



Whiskey-injected Irish-Speedfolk combined with classic Rockmusic: The Celtic-Punks Malasaners releasing with "Footprints" an Album that is in one way very traditional Irish Working-Class-Pub music but is also infused with many Genres of all what is called Rock (from Classic to Punk). This Album is very danceable indeed but also has very cool Rebel-Soul-Lyrics that are going deep into the Heart of every working man. The band toured a lot from Germany to Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Switzerland, and have also played some big festivals . Now the Celtic Punks made their next step and released their second full-length album "Footprints". With positive Working-Class-Attitude the german-spain Band describe the world from the sight of the people and give you some powerful Irish Rock.
1. Sell the night
2. Workers on the run
3. My time before I die
4. But not today
5. Long Live The Glory
6. The Stars are falling
7. Paris, je'taime  
8. I just can't stay and wait
9. Footprints
10. To the border
11. Ghostly Lover   
12. Fun has just begun
13. Your wars
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