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Release Date : 07 January 2013



England is known as the cradle of heavy metal. Band names such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Motörhead pretty much speak for themselves, was anyone to ask the question why. However, one thing that comes to attention when reading these names is the fact that all these bands belong to an older generation, while for a long time the United Kingdom hasn't produced a band to follow in their footsteps. The wait has finally come to an end: Formed in 2003 in Reading, Berkshire, MALEFICE have set out to reconquer the metal throne, their most important weapon being their refreshing lack of cliches. These youngsters don't give two shits about genre-typical rules and conventions, happily combining thrash, death metal and mathcore. The result is a violent bastard called “Dawn Of Reprisal“, which effortlessly crushes its smaller brother, the 2007 debut “Entities”. There's no room for trendy haircuts or fancy clothes in the MALEFICE universe, where metal rules supreme, while the band's freshness and spontaneity is reminiscent of Pantera and Lamb of God at the beginning of their illustrious careers. Plug in, quickly spit on the stage floor, wipe your mouth and let the metal do the talking: brutal, tuneful and heavy as hell. MALEFICE are currently one of Europe's biggest talents. Their trademarks: crushing riffs, shredding guitars and a sixth sense for deadly grooves. Their sophomore album “Dawn Of Reprisal” will be released in February 2009, finally correcting the balance of (metal) power back in favor of England.
1. The Midas Effect
2. Abandon Hope
3. An Architect Of Your Demise
4. End Of Days
5. Human Portrait
6. As I Bleed
7. When Embers Ignite
8. Retribution
9. Hatred Justified
10. Sickened
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