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Item no. : ARCD066
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 31 August 2009



After the killer debut album "Unio Mystica Maxima" (Scarlet/SPV) in 2007, Malfeitor announce the release of their lethal second chapter called "Incubus". Malfeitor combines crushingly fresh sounding black metal with the spirit of the ancient masters. Totally devastating and pure to the core - says Bard G. Eithun "Faust" (ex Emperor, Blood Tsunami...) The new songs are still very much in the vein of forefathers such as i.e. Marduk, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral, Watain or early Immortal. However, MALFEITOR manage to melt both elements of the ancient Swedish as well as the old Norwegian scene into one logical unit. As far as I can judge by listening to just four songs of "Incubus", this must be one hell of a good Black Metal album where you get what you expect. (Christian Wachter / Legacy Megazine) It has just been known as a project of Aborym's M. Fabbans, but this second album proves that the band has his own say. Cold, venomous, merciless, fast black metal as we know from "Unio Mystica Maxima" got his own character and intensity, getting even more aggressive and blasphemous. An incredibly disgusting and corpse reeking riff rules this record all over the place. The Italian Pandora's box has just been reopened - you have been warned... (Arkadiusz Lerch / Metal Hammer) The opus will come to light the 31st of August. Nine disturbing hymns of unspeakable darkness and qliphotic introspection through the Left Hand Path, and a sonic post-V.I.T.R.I.O.L. sigil filled with deadly antisaturnian chtonian vibrations.
1. Down with Me
2. Into the Qliphot of Golachab
3. Mysterious,Mystical, Majestic
4. Promethean Fire
5. Typhonian Gods
6. Dark Saturnian Chaos
7. The Other Half
8. Void of Voids
9. Incubus
10. Antisaturno (Thùnapsù)
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