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The German Band "Mandrake" was brought to life by Lutz de Putter in the wastelands of northern germany ("Ostfriesland") in the late 90's. In 1998, the self-produced album "Forever" was recorded, presenting the band as a mixture of slow death-metal and elements of the gothic-scene. Female vocals were rare and sung by a guest-vocalist. 1999 Birgit Lau joined the band and her part became bigger and bigger. After several demos, in 2003, Mandrake signed a contract with the label Greyfall Records. The label-debut "Calm the Seas" was released at the end of 2003. For the first time, this record presents the current line-up with Garvin Bösch on Bass-guitar and Jörg Uken on drums. Live-keyboarder Julius Martinek also became a full member, but soon prefered electric guitars. The music of Mandrake is voluptuous, sometimes epic, sometimes fragile, supported by "real" strings, low guitars and powered by pounding drums. Above all, the significant voice of Birgit. Lyrics and music often deal with the forces of nature, especially water, and the desire to reach distant shores and galaxies. On stage, the musicians of "Mandrake" represent themselves as a tight sound wall with heart and brains.The term mandrake (mandragora) is taken from a poisonous plant which is a symbol for spiritual and supernatural powers. In 2010 MANDRAKE set the sails again and will release the new Album called “Innocence Weakness” which will include much more doom elements and hellish vocals than “Mary Celeste”. Be prepared and set the sails to distant shores!!!
1. Prelude
2. A secret to reveal
3. Save us from ourselves
4. A serenade to the sea
5. Among the demons
6. Innocence
7. Autumn infinity
8. Coma
9. Indignation
10. Existence
11. Silhouette
12. Weakness
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