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Release Date : 02 June 2014



If you somehow missed the APB, MASKED INTRUDER broke into the punk scene with their highly acclaimed 2012 self-titled album and have been building up quite a rap sheet ever since.

These pop-punk prowlers have been on a non-stop crime spree, hitting town after town, abetted by the likes of NOFX, Less Than Jake, and Teenage Bottlerocket; stealing the hearts of unwitting fans all along the way.
With the release of their second album M.I., these repeat offenders are picking up right where they left off, laying down 13 tracks of polished, hook-laden power-pop that’s so catchy it’s criminal.

Even the most street smart music fans can easily be rendered defenseless by the sweet, soothing multilayered harmonies of M.I. By the time you realize you’re a victim it’s already too late, songs like “Crime Spree”, “I Fought the Law”, and “Saturday Night Alone” are locked in your head for good.

Of course MASKED INTRUDER will continue their life on the lam throughout 2014 in support of M.I. pilfering their way through the US, Europe, and Australia.
Consider yourself warned.

1. I Fought the Law
2. The Most Beautiful Girl
3. Crime Spree
4. Saturday Night Alone
5. When I Get Out
6. Stars
7. Almost Like We’re Already In Love
8. Hey Girl
9. Don’t Run Away
10. You’re the One to Blame
11. Weirdo
12. I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye to You
13. Locked Up and Lonely
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