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Item no. : AFMCD148
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 26 February 2007



There have been reports about a number of personnel changes, causing concern among their international fan community that Masterplan mark 2007 may not continue where the exceptional standard of their first two releases had left off. But rest assured - these worries have turned out to be entirely unfounded. Now that the veil of speculation and rumours has been lifted, Masterplan are about to present an album that will elicit unanimous comments from connoisseurs of the scene: absolutely terrific from the first to the final note! Not only have Masterplan effortlessly reconfirmed the compositional class of their two predecessor albums, Masterplan (2003) and Aeronautics (2005), they have even upped the ante. MK II, the third offering by the band surrounding former Helloween axeman Roland Grapow, features twelve haunting tracks that are a credit to the melodic metal genre. The guitarist, composer and producer from Hamburg has turned over a new leaf in his own musical history with his reformed group, coming up with a recording full of breathtaking songs, marked by an absorbing dynamism and brimming with enthusiasm. Although this kind of comment may sound like a contradiction in view of the recent line-up changes: never before have Masterplan sounded as tight and homogeneous as they do on MK II!
1. Phoenix Rising
2. Warriors Cry
3. Lost And Gone
4. Keeps Me Burning
5. Take Me Over
6. I'm Gonna Win
7. Watching The World
8. Call The Gipsy
9. Trust In You
10. Masterplan
11. Enemy
12. Heart Of Darkness
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