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Item no. : ANO-016CD
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Release Date : 30 July 2007



Flash back, if you will, to a time when you discovered alternative music that paved the way for mainstream bands being played today on the radio. Anyone who was alive and listened to the music that came out of the early nineties should at least remember the name Meat Puppets. They achieved underground fame by producing a handful of albums on indie label SST before spilling into the mainstream with the help of Nirvana. Look back through your old, dusty CDs that were once played at the volume that spells out teenage angst and you’ll find them on Nirvana’s Unplugged album next to your old Dinosaur JR EP. Maybe you even bought their groundbreaking Too High to Die album when it came out in 1994. Then suddenly they vanished. Sure, they released a few more albums, but for the most part the band had died along with that whole era of music. Well the Puppets are back with a new album, Golden Lies, and a new line up that is sure to revive the spirits of anyone willing to relive the experience their sound brings. This album lives up to what is expected of the Meat Puppets. It carries their basic laid-back sound forward but drops some of that country influence that divided them from a band like the Minutemen! The Meat Puppets are LEGENDS. Not “legends” in the bloodless, art school dropout, CMJ-darling, lower-east-side-fashion-plate sense of the much overused word…but LEGENDS in the sense that bazillions of people actually love them just for being themselves and doing whatever suits their skewed tastes, prods their warped senses of humor and echoes their unique experience as blotter-addled, southwestern desperados with guitars, on a vision quest beyond the punk rock beyond where the spirit animals of CSN&Y, Black Flag and the Louvin Brothers crouch together by firelight beneath the mesa, throwing dice made of chicken bones and racing giant desert cockroaches for money.

1. Fly Like The Wind
2. On The Rise
3. Radio Moth
4. Tiny Kingdom
5. Enemy Love Song
6. Spit
7. Island
8. Stone Eyes
9. This Song 10. New Leaf
11. Disappear
12. The Ship
13. Ice
14. Light the Fire

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