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Release Date : 26 October 2018



Alchemy abounds in the Oregon-based purveyors of spiritual mysticism. Building exponentially upon the band's previous works in drone and doom, Megaton Leviathan has flourished into its final form and completed work on their incredible third album, “Mage”.
Traveling leagues beyond the band's previous releases, Megaton Leviathan has found its own unique footing and settled into its very powerful voice among the occult.  Drawing upon the delicate textures of Slowdive, the dark and subdued temperament of Jesu, the explosive essence of Tangerine Dream, and the necromancy of Coven; the band is set to release one of the most talked about records this year.
Hypnotic chanting, analog synth arpeggios, screams to the heavens, and a pure sense of inner reflection mark the coming of Megaton Leviathan. Discovering the band at this stage is like hearing Slowdive's “Souvlaki” or Jesu's “Conqueror” for the very first time. An album without beginning nor end, where time is an illusion and fire + sorcery are the only roadmaps.
Pure goosebumps all the way through, don't resist once you are caught in the spell of “Mage”.
1. Wave
2. Take the Fire
3. Mage
4. The Belldog
5. Within the Threshold
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