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Item no. : INDIE067CD
Artist : MENCEA
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 26 March 2012



Mencea is back to present their new album entitled "PYROPHORIC". The eight track-long soundtrack of unearthly moods, demonstrates an immensely wide sonic landscape, packing punch and diversity that few bands can match. Most of all, it undoubtedly shows that Mencea belongs to a movement of bands exploring boundaries between extreme metal sub-genres, often morphing into a mix of extreme metal with progressive sensibilities and a non conformist approach to melody as well as storming rhythmic outbursts. "PYROPHORIC" is a fresh, and fearlessly musical approach to what Mencea is all about. Energy, sonic richness and sheer heaviness.
1. Phosphorus 2. CCC 3. Elders 4. Hounds 5. Beheading 6. Pyrophoric 7. Invocation 8. The Dead
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