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Item no. : MASSCD0744
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 12 September 2011



Since the five leather-dressed warriors from Southern Germany already set their mark in the true metal underground with their debut “Under the Sign” in 2006 now MESSENGER have signed with Massacre Records to release their 2nd strike – “See You In Hell” which will be packed with German steel at its finest. From catchy melodic metal hymns to riff-dominated metal monsters and even emotional songs MESSENGER deliver the full musical potion to the metal fan which will not be forgotten. The German power metal quintet are already an established trademark in the German metal scene. With their songs, their numerous live shows and their own festival called Saarbangers metal festival they strongly aim for one goal: the spreading of their message. A message full of energy and lust for life – far away from the depression of modern sounds. MESSENGER speak for all the metal fans who are sick of mainstream radio shit and casting-scum – in every MESSENGER show a DJ puppet is getting chopped - guided by the sounds of their hymn „Kill the DJ“.
1. Flames of Revenge
2. See You in Hell
3. Make it Right 4. The Prophecy
5. Sign of the Evil Master (Digipak Bonus Track)
6. Alien Autopsy
7. Final Thunder
8. Falconlord
9. The Dragonships
10. Lindisfarne
11. Valkyries
12. Land of the Brave
13. Dr. Stein
14. Tod dem DJ (Digipak Bonus Track)
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