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Item no. : MASLP1046
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Release Date : 01 February 2019



With their 5th album, "Panopticon", METAL INQUISITOR keep on doing it the traditional way, without ignoring the zeitgeist.

The new album turned out to be modern but was produced with a hint of old-school at the Gates Of Dawn Studio. The renowned HOFA-Studios took care of the album’s final touches.

You can look forward to hymns like "Free Fire Zone" or "Beyond Nightmares" in particular, which has a killer chorus, that perfectly reflects METAL INQUISITOR’s own unique style.

1. Free Fire Zone
2. Change Of Front
3. Beyond Nightmares 
4. Trial By Combat
5. Shock Tactics
6. Re-Sworn The Oath
7. Scent Of Fear
8. War Of The Priests
9. Discipline And Punish
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