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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : 1093601
Artist : MF/MB/
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : ADRIAN
Release Date : 01 November 2010



"Not Cool". Initially, that was the title of the debut album from MF/MB/. MF/MB/ is not cool. MF/MB/ is not the sound of Malmö, Stockholm, Berlin or New York, or any other place considered to be hip, progressive and associated with great music. MF/MB/ is and always will be the sound of Bollnäs. It may not be what the inhabitants of Bollnäs would refer to as the sound of their home town, but in the bands opinion it is. MF/MB/ is guitars, drums, bass, synthesizers, vocals and computers, but most of all it's Victor, Jocke, Sebastian, Christine and Erik, making the best music they know. Not cool or not-cool, that's up to you. And even if you get it, you still just don't get it. And now it is here, the debut album. It's time for us all to be haunted by the whirlwind, heat and flash that is their album "Folded".
1. Seconds Away 2. Tune On 3. The Grand Chase 4. The Fine Detail 5. 1000 Times 6. Folded 7. The Window 8. A Beautiful Sigh 9. Heat Like This 10. The Big Machine 11. Every Cool Band
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