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Release Date : 12 September 2011



Dark, chaotic, frenzied; these are some of the words that are often used to describe Canadians Mitochondrion. Originally issued on a self-released CD and limited to 666 copies, "Archaeaeon" finally sees an official issue through Dark Descent Records. Despite all of the acclaim this album has received, there were some that thought it could have been helped with an even deeper guitar sound. This one perceived fault has been remedied with a professional remastering by Colin Marston. "Archaeaeon" is now presented with a fuller sound and comes complete with an eight-page layout on heavy duty matte stock to further enhance the archaic-like artwork. No longer is there a need to scrounge Ebay for the band's self-release and pay ridiculous secondary prices. Don't miss this version of one of 2008's best albums in all of its improved glory.
1. Chapter 11
2. Into the Pit of Babel
3. Agonizing (In the Shadow of the Hammerblow)
4. Eternal Contempt of Man
5. Infernal Weapons Summons
6. Oath In Defiance
7. Descent ...
8. Wraithlike
9. Akashic Predation
10. 137 (Death's Hedecaratia)
11. Organum Exitus
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