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Item no. : INDIE057CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 08 November 2010



WTF? They haven’t been gone a second, and now they’re back?! Put a cork in every orifice and run like hell!

Since this ferocious gang of degenerates emerged from out of nowhere and scared everyone shitless during the summer of 2009, they have been constantly carpetbombing the masses with their wicked blend of depraved, shitfaced and highly addictive metalpunk. The debut album ‘...And The Wrist is History’ hit the streets like a drunk vagrant in November 2009.

The critically acclaimed follow up ‘No Cunt For Old Men’ came crushing down on you like a collapsing brick chimney in May 2010, and now the rampant idiots are ready to unleash their third album entitled: ‘Nocturnal Neanderthals’. This skull-inserted-nailbomb of an album is set to be released by the fearless guys at Indie Recordings on November 8th 2010.

1. Nocturnal Neanderthal

2.Ota Benga

3. Fuckher!

4. Victim #13

5. A Slow Death

6. Horrified and Horny

7.Cold Night For a Hothead

8. Bumfight at Gunerius

9. The Bible and The Beatles

10. Piss Pinata

11. Japanese Flag

12. Relationshit

13. Motorheadache

14. And You will know us by the Stench of Cock

15. Na er det nok!

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