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Release Date : 26 January 2018



"Let´s Pig", combines moonpedro´s love for sonic texture and musical nerve. The opening track "Afternoon" is a good example of the artist´s restlessness, the songs starts in one place and then shifts shape several times as it moves along. Whereas "Pop Quiz" is a nod to R.E.M, the early years when the band was potent and powerful, not the half assed version of it; "Death Of A Dog" has the quality of a lullabye and "Animals", with it´s mysterious poetic lyrics comes across as dense, dark and wobbly, but sort of funny and stupid too, luckily. Multi-instrumentalist, poet, novelist and translator: Pedro Carmona-Alvarez is a Norwegian artist who releases his music under the name Moonpedro And The Sinking Ship, since 2007 he has released two records, Ed Wood (2007), Homegrown (2013) and forthcoming album Let´s, Pig (2018).
1. Afternoon
2. Top Trip
3. Book Of Questions
4. Pop Quiz
5. Chicken Rehearsal
6. Animals
7. Funky Troll
8. Colonel Eyes
9. Death Of A Dog
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