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Item no. : VIC072CD
Artist : MORTHRA
Product type : Compact Disc
Label : VIC
Release Date : 08 December 2014



Morthra was one of the most promising death metal bands from Holland. They won the final of the famous Dutch 'Metal Battle' in 1993. Morthra was formed in 1990 and featured Rene Arts (ex Asphyx). They recorded their debut demo at the cult Dutch Studio ‘Harrow Productions’ with Harry Wijerink (Asphyx, Soulburn, Pentacle, Grand Supreme Blood Court).
Their second demo was recorded in a large studio in Amsterdam, paid by the Dutch Metal Battle organization (the first prize was a full day in a professional studio).  Morthra recorded a 2 track promo in 1994, which was never released. Morthra played many gigs in the Netherlands with for example Gorefest, Pentacle and Death Squad.
After the recordings of their promo 1994 / 3rd demo, Morthra got an offer from Osmose Records from France to release their debut full length album.  And guess, what.. instead of signing a deal and record their debut album, Morthra splitted up and that album never saw the light of day….
Now finally after more then 20 years,  finally here is the Morthra album: ‘Desecrated Souls (from Insane Minds)’, featuring their 2 demos, the 2 track promo and 5 live tracks. All 16 tracks are completely remastered. The booklet contains rare old pics and flyers and liner notes from the band and notes from close friend Wannes Gubbels, (Pentacle, ex Asphyx, ex Soulburn). Cover art by Roberto Toderico (Sinners Burn, Soulburn, Asphyx, Sinister etc.).
1. Alteration of Faith (intro)
2. The Labyrinth
3. Choking Screams
4. Magnification
5. Tale by the Antichrist
6. Hollowed Carcass
7. Paganistic Dismemberment
8. Hear My Cry
9. The King’s Whore
10. Crucified Lie
11. Slay the Vicar
12. Choking Screams (live)
13. Fleshly Appearance (live)
14. The Invocation of the Lost Souls (live)
15. Slay the Vicar (version 1) (live)
16. Obscure Awakening (live)
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