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Item no. : CYC126CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 16 December 2013



MOUNTAIN THRONE´s debut album “Stormcoven” will be hitting the shops this December, thanks to Cyclone Empire.
It contains 8 songs for perfect vinyl symmetry but will be available on cd as well.
This also marks the first ever cd-release of a Mountain Throne record.
Even though the album is pretty diverse musically, it reflects our understanding of how real Heavy Metal should sound.
That certain doomy edge sure remains as well.
Some songs have already been part of the rare live shows for some time; others are fresher, but both complement each other nicely on the album. 
Tales about life & death, women & men, man & beast: True and ancient Heavy Metal prevails!
01. Spirits Of Fate  
02. Stormcoven       
03. Winter          
04. Morningstar Iconoclast
05. Priestess Of The Old
06. On The Mountain Throne
07. Where Alchemy Thrived
08. Totem    
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