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Item no. : ARCD065D
Artist : MR DEATH
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 02 November 2009



Mr. Death is a new band, but the members have been around for quite some time. Some of the members have played in legendary bands such as Treblinka (later Tiamat) and Expulsion. None of these bands are to be confused with Mr. Death though, which is a unique project. The music is straight forward, brutal old school death metal and played in the way we think death metal should be played and sound like. Mr. Death started in early 2007 after Jörgen and Alex had been talking for some time about starting a band just like this. After a while Jonas joined in and the band was slowly starting to form. In April, Jocke came in and now Mr. Death really started to shape up. In January 2008 Stefan joined us and now the band is complete. Only a month or so after that we recorded a four song demo called "Unearthing" in the classic Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg. Before the recording we had noticed a growing interest in the band from the outside, and the pressure on ourselves grew with this. We all feel that we lived up to the high expectations, and the positive feedback have been utterly overwhelming. In the past some of the members in Mr. Death have played together in different constellations, and everyone has a great deal of experience from various bands throughout the years. Combined, we have hundreds of live shows in our history. To witness Mr. Death live shouldn't be like watching any random band; it's supposed to be a memorable experience. This is something that we take with us every time we enter a stage, and it's a natural thing for us, No matter the size of audience. "Detached From Life" is the band’s debut album, recorded again in the classic Sunlight Studio with Tomas Skogsberg. Cover artwork was prepared by Mike Chrubovcak of Visual Darkness (Sinister, Grave, etc.). The music is nothing else but tasty, bloody Death Metal played in the old Swedish tradition.

1. Suffer
2. Fin
3. A Dying God
4. Evil Undisputed
5. Muse Of Chaos
6. Combined Anatomy
7. Misery’s Womb
8. Denied The Will To Live
9. Death vs The Living Dead
10. The Storm
11. Black Blood

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