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Release Date : 13 May 2022



Other than Gatecreeper, who entered the Death Metal Realm around the same time, Mutilatred are the unsung pioneers of this whole "Primitive Caveman" Death Metal movement (ask Sanguisugabogg or 200 Stab Wounds if you have any doubt). Releasing a demo in 2014, followed by their first full length debut album, Dissecting Your Future in 2015, Mutilatred took audiences by storm with their devastating live performances. Originally including Patrick Meyers formerly of Premonitions of War, the band rarely turned down any show request, even playing as a 2 piece in rare cases, never failing to utterly "wow" any crowd. So much so, that in 2018 the band were hand-picked by Trevor of The Black Dahlia Murder to support them on a run of dates.

Now, a few EPs later and pandemic nearly behind them, Mutilatred are back with their sophomore full length, Determined to Rot, their strongest and, by far, most sonically punishing release. 2022 is the year Mutilatred become a household name among Death Metal fanatics starting with an upcoming tour supporting Undeath with more to be announced. For those uninitiated, Mutilatred are the MORTICIAN of our current generation and anyone who's ever seen them live will tell you the same.

1. Everyone's Doing Shitty
2. Veins Kind of Clogged
3. Smashed by a Slab of Concrete
4. In and Out of the Grave
5. Eroded Brain
6. Blood Machine
7. All the Way Dead
8. Fuck Everyone
9. Waste of the Mind
10. Sickened to Death
11. Shitted (Out)
12. Determined to Rot
13. Outro (Bonus)
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