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Item no. : BLOD138LP
Artist : NALE
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 31 May 2019



Sweden’s hottest underground metal act breaks through and releases their new album “Death, Skulls, Satan”! With a vicious blend of metal in the vein of Pantera and the Haunted and the fast paced rock of Danko Jones, Nale delivers a high octane album with massive drive, heavy riffs, brutal vocals and groove that will leave necks, and hips, sore for days! An album of 11 hard-hitting songs that display the whole spectrum of one of Sweden’s hottest upcoming acts and blends seamlessly into their high energy, sweat drenched live performances.


Nale writes great metal songs that rock and groove to no end” - Earshot (AT)

”…sounds like Transport League, Pantera and Alabama Thunderpussy…”  - Rock Hard (DE)

”intensity on par [with] Devildriver or superb london-based outfit Killerfix” - Metal Aschaffenburg (DE)

”... snotty and aggressive music that’s a lot of fun!” -Stalker (DE)

"A viciously good band in […] newly invented genre 'New Wave of Swedish Heavy Brutal Metal'"- Rockbladet (SWE)

"Is Nale perhaps Sweden's next big metal export?" - 4/5 Slavestate Magazine (SWE)

"A band that affects, a band that's sexy. Erratic with a vicious tone, filling a space far greater than themselves. All members contributes and they are natural born fucking killers!" - Wacken WMB (SWE)

“Awesome!” - Alx Hell (Entombed)

“A force of nature”
"...impressive display of heaviness" - Close-up Magazine (SWE)

“It's not just the heavy, groovy music that appeals to me, but also the band's emotional expression on stage. Every member lives the music as if it were life and death.” - Access:Rock (SWE)

"Nale is like a slap in the face, it hurts, but you know you like it." - Chris Laney, Artist/Producer

”Heavy. exciting. provocative.” - Sweden Rock Magazine (SWE)

”Strikes a perfect balance between heavy and catchy.” - Crankitup (SWE)

1. Basher
2. Love. Lust. Pain.
3. Rise
4. Why am I?
5. Burning
6. From Sh*t to Salvation
7. The Fun in Funeral
8. Catch 27
9. The End of This
10. New World Order
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