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Release Date : 22 September 2017



National Suicide is an old school Thrash metal band from Trento, Italy, active since 2005.
Their first album (‘The Old Family Is Still Alive’, 2009) attracted immediate attention from Thrash metal fans around the world and was followed by an extensive tour that included high profile festival appearances in Italy (Rock Hard Festival, Play It Loud), Germany (Thrash Assault), Spain (Keep It Thrash, Metal Cova) and more.
National Suicide’s second album ‘Anotheround’ followed in 2016 and more live shows with the likes of Napalm Death, Sodom, Tankard, Assassin and many other cemented their groundbreaking stage performances. ‘Massacre Elite’, the band’s third album, which will be released in September on Scarlet Records, displays national Suicide’s full potential with a sharper sound, powerful riffs, a monumental rhythm section and abrasive vocals with deep roots in the American Thrash scene of the eighties and some distinctive features that make it instantly recognizable.    
1. Deathroll
2. Massacre Elite
3. Take Me To The Dive Bar
4. Pisshead
5. Old, White And Italian
6. What D’You Mean By Metal?
7. Unfit For The Army
8. Trouble Ahead
9. I’m Not A Zombie
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