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Item no. : 398414730SP
Artist : NEAERA
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 07 January 2013



NEAERA's rise within the extreme metal scene sounds like a fairytale. Less than a year after the band's inception they were already offered a deal by the legendary Metal Blade Records, back in April 2004. A mere 13 months later, the critically-acclaimed debut “The Rising Tide Of Oblivion” – which scored a perfect 7 out of 7 in the German edition of Metal Hammer – was in the shops, and what followed is a success story seldom for such a young band!
And this is undoubtedly confirmed by album number four, “Omnicide – Creation Unleashed”. With a massive sound, mixed by producer legend Zeuss (Hatebreed etc.), and totally destructive, epic compositions, NEAERA will rise to uncharted heights in 2009. The band has matured and become a tight unit that effortlessly combines sheer brutality with the characteristic melodies of Swedish death metal. And this ability, which has now been perfected to the maximum, has gained the band the status of leaders within the scene, only six years after their formation.
“Omnicide – Creation Unleashed” – the most important release this year from the German extreme metal scene! NEAERA – leaders of a new generation of fans and bands! Both put together – total annihilation!
1. I Loathe
2. Prey to Anguish
3. The Wretched of The Earth
4. Grave New World
5. Age of Hunger
6. Caesura
7. Omnicide
8. In Near Ruins
9. The Nothing Doctrine
10. I am The Rape
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