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Release Date : 07 January 2013



"Coordinates Of Confusion" is NEGLIGENCE's 2nd Album and is must have for all Fans of TESTAMENT, EXODUS or OVERKILL! Produced by Jey (guitar) and Ruzz (drums) in their own studio, mastered by Alan Douches (WHITECHAPEL, HATEBREED, CONVERGE, etc.)! This album has all the ingredients which all the fans love about METAL and especially NEGLIGENCE: fast, aggressive, melodic, with a mixture of various metal genres such as thrash, death and heavy metal!
NEGLIGENCE was formed in 2000 by Dyz and Jey, two excellent Slovenian guitarists who shared the same passion for music and decided to start working together. They first started playing live as a four-piece, and the the group's fanbase started growing rapidly!
2007 saw the release of their first self-released full-length album called "Options Of A Trapped Mind", which put NEGLIGENCE on the metal map! Following the release, the band went on to promote their album, supporting some of the biggest acts in metal, such as EXODUS, FORBIDDEN, HEATHEN, SADUS or DEATH ANGEL.
Now NEGLIGENCE is presenting their 2nd Album (and Metal Blade debut) in their long career. They are stronger than ever. “Coordinates of Confusion” is a milestones in the Thrash Genre! Bang your head!
1. Mind Decay
2. Screaming Fear
3. Addicted To Aggression
4. Disharmony
5. The Way To...
6. Insane Asylum
7. The Q Box
8. Sickened
9. Shark Attack
10. Coordinates Of Confusion
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