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Item no. : LFR068CD
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Release Date : 12 March 2007



Swedish/Greek melodic death metal outfit NIGTHRAGE are back with a vengeance, and this time their new disease will leave no one uninfected! After two highly successful and critically acclaimed albums on Century Media, NIGHTRAGE has now turned to seasoned metal producer Jacob Hansen (MERCENARY, HATESPHERE, RAUNCHY, FEAR MY THOUGHTS) to record a masterpiece of ruthlessly heavy riffing as well as soaring and ethereal melodies bearing the title “A New Disease is Born,” the follow-up to 2005’s “Descent into Chaos.” The result is an inspiring album mixing NIGHTRAGE’s trademark-take on melodic death metal with an unconditional vision of what the future of the genre should sound like. Since NIGHTRAGE was formed in Greece by Marios Iliopoulos and guitar hero Gus G (FIREWIND) many prominent figures of metal such as Tomas Lindberg (ex-AT THE GATES, DISFEAR, THE GREAT DECEIVER), Nicholas Barker (DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH) and Per Möller Jensen (THE HAUNTED) has collaborated with the band, and after a few member changes the line-up is now as strong as their vision of metallic perfection.NIGHTRAGE are now ready to step up to the higher echelons of death metal, with an album that is sure to send riveting tremors throughout an unsuspecting world. Abandon all hopes of a cure when this new disease is born in early 2007!
1. Spiral
2. Reconcile
3. Death-like Silence
4. A Condemned Club
5. Scars Of The Past
6. De-fame
7. Scathing
8. Surge Of Pity
9. Encircle
10. Drone
11. Spiritual Impulse
12. A New Disease Is Born (Instrumental)
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