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Item no. : FAT641
Artist : NOFX
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 20 May 2002



So here's a bunch of songs that up until now were scattered all over a bunch of compilations and EPs. There's a brand spanking new NOFX track "Pimps and Hookers" and even a special dub remix of the song "Eat The Meek"! The second disc is songs from two super long 7" records "Fuck The Kids" and "Surfer", 25 songs in all that most CD-kids will not have heard.
These are not included on the vinyl, the reason being, they didn't want to devalue the "prized" 7"s the vinyl buyers should already have. As well as the music this release also includes great liner notes, stories and photos.

1. Pimps And Hookers
2. All Of Me
3. We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And No Eyebrows
4. Drugs Are Good
5. Lower
6. Forming
7. Electricity
8. Lazy
9. The Plan
10. Timmy The Turtle
11. Punk Song
12. See Her Pee
13. Zyclone B Bathouse
14. Last Caress
15. Bath Of Least Resistance
16. We Ain't Shit
17. San Francisco Fat
18. Vincent
19. Pump Up The Valium
20. Pods And Gods
21. Eat The Meek (Dub Mix)
22. Fun Things To Fuck (If You're A Winner)
23. Juice Head
24. Three On Speed
25. New Happy Birthday Song?
26. Talking Bout Yo Mama
27. Party Enema
28. Can't Get The Stink Out
29. Go To Work Wasted
30. Fuck The Kids (Revisited)
31. Whoa On The Whoas
32. Puke On Cops
33. I

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