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Item no. : FAT773
Artist : NOFX
Product type : Vinyl 10"
Release Date : 01 August 2011



NOFX’s latest release is a lot of things, none of which you’d normally expect (unless you keep up with internet message boards, twitter, and music news outlets, in which case you’ve likely read rumors about this release for a couple years now and know exactly what to expect). First off, the album doesn’t really have a title, and since the moniker "self-titled" is so generic and clumsy, and since the band didn’t have the foresight or inclination to come up with a jazzy little symbol like , it has been informally dubbed the hardcore 10". The 10" part of the name refers to the format, obviously, which is another odd feature of the release; it will be available exclusively on 10" vinyl. And hardcore, well, that refers to the music (now you’re catching on!). Back at their humble beginning NOFX were just teenage kids slinking around the 80’s LA punk scene, trying to emulate the obscure hardcore bands they idolized. Since those days a few things have changed. NOFX have progressed as musicians (thankfully), song writers, and entertainers, which has led to the legendary status they hold today, but along the way they never lost their love for the hardcore sound they were weaned on. So the band decided that they’d get together and churn out some gritty, high energy covers of songs from the genre. Another unique aspect of the hardcore 10" is that everyone in the band takes a turn with lead vocals duties, except for Smelly, who pours every bit of his energy into bashing the living crap out of his drum kit from start to finish. Of course, furious guitar and bass lines abound as well. The result? 9 unapologetically loud tracks that kick the listener in the teeth with the desperation and intensity of the 80’s hardcore scene, while flashing the talent that has sustained NOFX’s iconic renown for over 25 years.
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