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Item no. : AR109LP
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Release Date : 04 December 2020



How did 'Dreams D'Azur' become one of the best prog-death-doom metal albums ever created? At that time, NOVEMBERE were looking for the next move towards the next album after 'Novembrine Waltz' but the ever-evolving composition was not allowing the band to deliver something new in a short space of time. In order to buy more time and offer something new in the meantime for label and fans, the band decided to re-mix their debut album 'Wish I Could Dream it Again' - but the task was not as simple as they had hoped. A vast, extensive amount of work went into the effort, and Novembre eventually decided to go in for a re-recording session that would transform the album into something entirely new: the progressive classic that is “Dreams D’Azur! Initially, Novembre wanted to be as loyal as possible to the original songs, but then the album became even more prog and death metal than the original, with the help of original members Antonio Poletti (guitars) and Thomas Negrini (keyboards) plus the help of additional guest musicians like Fabio Fraschini, to attend to bass parts.
1. The Dream Of The Old Boats
2. Novembre
3. Nottetempo (Nighttime)
4. Let Me Hate  - Sirens In Filth   - Swim Seagull In The Sky
5. The Music
6. Marea (Tide) (Part I, II & III)
7. Part 1 Nostalgia / It's Gaze
8. Part 3 Behind My Window / My Seas Of South
9. Old Lighthouse Tale
10. The White Eyed
11. Neanderthal Sands
12. Christal
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