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Item no. : ARP002CD
Artist : OAK
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 10 June 2016



OAK is a four-piece Norwegian band that originally emerged from a folk-rock duo. The four members have a diverse background spanning from classical piano to electronica, prog- and hard-rock, with references to the alternative scene as well as progressive rock, have made a distinguished unique sound. Mixing this with great musical skills and a vision of being accessible to a wide audience has resulted in their debut album ‘Lighthouse’. Both music and lyrics are filled with contrasts, the chase for the beautiful within the ugly and vice versa, all floating in clouds of melancholy. The lyrics are based on real dreams or heavily inspired by them. Central to the stories are the hunt for childish purity, illusions of old relations and relationships, the thought of better and glorified times. Although they tell stories the lyrics are absolutely open for interpretation. OAK have done several live performances and among others shared stage with fellow Oslo band Airbag. Oak have also shared stage with the guitarist of Airbag, Bjørn Riis, on his solo shows, both in Norway and in The Netherlands. He have also kindly lent his signature guitar sound to one of the tracks on Lighthouse.
3.Perceiving Red 
5.Stars Under Water 
6.Interlude I
7.The Sea 
8.Fire, Walk With Me!
9.Interlude II   
10.Where Did The Summer Go  
12.Postludium – Walk of Atonement
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