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Item no. : FAT719CD
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Release Date : 22 January 2007



With just over two years passing since the release of their debut album To The Nines, ONLY CRIME unveils their latest creation, Virulence. The time has enabled the young band to grow as a unit, further honing the skill of interfusing melody amidst their signature dissonant sound. In case you don’t already know, ONLY CRIME is; Russ Rankin on vocals (Good Riddance), Bill Stevenson on drums (Descendents, All, Black Flag), Aaron Dalbec on guitar (Bane, Converge, Velocity Engine), Zach Blair on the other guitar (Hagfish, Gwar), and Donivan Blair (Hagfish, Armstrong) on bass. This mix of musicians doesn’t make perfect sense, but it all comes into focus when you hear the first track “Take Me”. This is a band built on deep friendships, a group of people whose common interests brought them together after years of developing themselves in other bands. 2007 will find ONLY CRIME taking their music to the masses, as they embark on tours throughout the US and beyond. Be sure not to miss them when they pull into your town!
1. Take me
2. Everything for you
3. Shotgun
4. Eyes of the world
5. Now’s the time
6. In your eyes
7. Just us
8. There’s a moment
9. This is wretched
10. Too loose
11. Framed then failed
12. Xanthology
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