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Item no. : HPS099CDD
Artist : OREYEON
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 22 March 2019



OREYEON'S sophomore album ODE TO OBLIVION comes after two years of experimental sessions in their little studio recording nestled between the sea and the mountains in the north west of Italy. This new full-length crosses transversely all member's musical influences and takes shape leaving behind and definitely going beyond the rules that mostly describe the classical stoner rock genre.

From the first track, a strong sense of nothingness blends into a long unsettling travel through a microcosm full of colours while black shapes lead the traveller into a spiral of nihilistic lyrics, title tracks and monolithic riffs all at the same time. A pinch of the 90’s vocals legacy gives to this full-length the gloominess that crowns a long period of rehearsals playing and jamming over all sorts of musical borders.

The vocal structures and harmonizations are definetely more complex, rich of melodies while the music tends towards a heavier path, taking cues from way different kinds of genres and band references.

1. T.I.O.
2. Trudging to Vacuity
3. Ode to Oblivion
4. Big Surprise
5. The Ones
6. Starship Pusher
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