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Chest (Inch)

Chest (CM)

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Item no. : AB020LTD
Artist : ORPLID
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 24 November 2008


Two and a half years after “Sterbender Satyr”, ORPLID are back with their fourth studio album “Greifenherz”. In contrast to their previous outing, this album is filled with pathos, a belligerent and archaic piece of work. “Greifenherz” is informed with a surprisingly hostile and cold atmosphere - a partially menacing and martial sound ORPLID haven’t applied since some of the more violent outbursts of their early works. There are some constants in ORPLID’s labour, however. Sandra Fink, who contributed with her expressive voice to “Sterbender Satyr”, adds a mysterious and sinister depth to the tracks “Totenesche” and “Traum von Blashyrkh”. Like on every album by ORPLID, they have included the writings of other poets in their work, setting to music poems by Frank Wedekind (“Der Anarchist”) and Rolf Schilling (“Luzifer”, “Gesang an den Horusfalken”). Once more, Frank Machau’s music is in perfect sync with Uwe Nolte’s lyrics - reflections of dreams about war, death, and decay. The song “Traum von Blashyrkh”, dedicated to Norwegian black metallists Immortal, lends a very special accent to their new album as well.
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