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Item no. : AR0029CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 05 October 2010



With the release of “Sentencia”, the sevillanos ORTHODOX follow up their onw path through musical unconventionalism, a solitary path, like swinning against the waves, taking their music further beyond than ever, taking influences from tunes lost in the time, denying from absurd commercial standards and getting the real from their own land roots. The new album sail through more acoustic sounds, being a step away from the darker passages on their previous recordings, to create the “heaviest” record ever in their career. A pure testimony against their particular own leviathan.. Every time a step forward and every time further from any label or scene. “Sentencia” is another jumb in the sense of the evolution for a band like Orthodox. With an instrumentation closer to Jazz than ever before, the album is best example of the music progression the band always wanted to show, from their unique heavy metal perspective, and particular vision of the traditional andalusian music has to be performed in their own repertoire: influences from the spanish composers Falla or Albeniz, the experiments of György Ligeti and Olivier Messiaen or the power on the latest John Coltrane... They are the strong base that makes the ultimate masterpiece made by Orthodox.
1. Marcha de la Santa Sangre
2. Ascensión
3. ...Y la Muerte no Tendrá Dominio
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